The Economy and the Dealerships

The economy is suppose to be in bad shape right now. But finding a dealership to help you is like finding a needle in the haystack. It can be done but it is hard to do. Anyways here is my rant on the dealerships the good the bad and the ugly.

First off let me tell you we bought a car from a used car lot about 2.5 years ago. It was a nice little thing when we first got it. Then a few weeks later the water pump goes out not a big deal. Then sensors start going out and everything else. We put more money into fixing this car then we paid for it at the lot. So here goes the story this car breaks down on us again for the 3rd or 4th time in 2.5 years we have only drove it maybe 1.5 years and we decide we are gonna go get a car. Husband has a job makes good money we can afford one if we really pinch pennies. This means no more going to walmart and spending money, but oh well there comes a time in life when you have to pinch to make things work. I’m fine with all that. So we start are journey in Covington, TN we go to a few lots for them to tell us “you have no credit we cant help you” Well forget you then I am not begging no one to take my money.

So we come home and I tell my husband I’ll get someone to TRUST us. Yea right that didn’t happen in Memphis either. Gossett Motors was talking like they could get us approved no problem. You know all those dealerships that say no credit no problem no need for downpayment all that good jazz well thats not true. So Gossett tells us they will get us in one come on down. I wasn’t going all the way to Memphis to be turned down so I told him do it on the phone if we are approved we will show up. Well he wanted our old car PLUS 500 dollars. I told him no thanks I will go else where I am not going to be screwed, he informs me no one will help us because we have NO credit. Not bad credit not good credit but NO credit. Well hello how is one to get credit if no one is willing to trust and help them. Yea I understand people get cars and don’t pay and all that good jazz. I told them take it right out of my husbands check every week then they won’t have to worry about not seeing there money….

So I call are bank we have been with them for about 5 years and she runs it all through and tells me she will work with us. Go find a vehicle and come back we will run it through and see what we can get you financied for. So we go find a nice vehicle only to find out the dealer has it priced 2,000 over blue book so of course we was only approved for 4,000 on that one. Thanks for trying Eagle Auto Sales.

Then there is Huffman’s they wanted to sell us a Ford Expedition that was just traded in for 4,500 you know they didnt give that much for trade in maybe a thousand. They was of no help.

Then we goto Country they act like there going to help us. They show us a really nice Saturn Relay 3 2005. He tells me the asking price is 11,500 not to bad I guess its very nice. He says they are willing to work with the bank and all that they need it off the lot it has been there for 9 months. Well I get home and see they have it listed for 10,900 on there website plus 400 off if you print this paper and took it in so already they are trying to screw us. I call and inform the man he goes oh well we will go by that price then. After that they didn’t see to want to work with us after all. Because they bank was willing to give 7,700 for it.

We then took a break from vehicle looking. Two weeks passed we decided we got 500 saved up lets goto a tote your note place. This is the best part of the whole story. We go to a place in Atoka, Tennessee I do not even remember the name of the place. I told my husband we might be smarter to go to a tote the note place because it’s probably owned by local people. But I tell you I was so wrong. We go in and start looking they want 299 down for a 92 toyota camery no power steering. WHAT that’s not including there doc fees and the taxes. So like 700 or so down. If you seen this car there isn’t no way you would pay that in someones yard. It was beat up pretty bad. We was desperate but not that desperate…

So we head back to Covington we go to a place where they say they have cars 200 or less. This looks like it maybe promising. Well we get up in there he says credit score of 650 or we can not work with you. Fine let your cars sit on the lot and there value go down because my score won’t be 650 unless someone will trust me. So we leave with me saying a few choice words under my breathe. Now keep in mind we have been carless for a month now.

We head on down to Dover Moter Company I tell my husband we will get approved here there window says so. We walk in and talk to Tony. Tony is taking our information and wouldn’t you know we are neighbors what a small world after all. So I tell him if we don’t drive out with a ride today I know where he lives. I really didn’t mean nothing by it I was just joking about our bad luck. So anyways as he continues to do the paper work he sees where my husband works and notices they no the same people. Sweet maybe this is gonna be good after all. So he goes in and has another wonderful guy run our information. I am sorry I do not recall the guys name. So anyways Tony comes back says this is what he has I was not happy with the vehicle they could get us into with the high interest rate we would have had to pay because we have no credit it wasn’t something I really wanted. Then he showed us another again I didn’t want to pay that. So I was like ok we will have to go back to memphis and see what they can do with what we have.

But I asked what if we got a loan through our bank. Remember the bank already said they would help us we just needed a vehicle at loan value. Well Tony and that nice man at Dover got right to it. They got the numbers worked out they took our word and they got us into a very nice vehicle THAT day. When I say they took our word for it they really did. I will not go into those details though, but they are truely amazing people down there.

And the funny thing is the bank said they couldn’t help until the next day I was shocked when the bank called and said come in by 4:30. I was on the phone had the insurance and was ready to go. The nice man at Dover was friends with the lady we bank with so it sped up the process. Again if you are in the Covington area and need a new vehicle head on over to Dover tell them Jammie sent you :)

So as you can see the dealerships can not be hurting to bad since no one really wanted to help us until we found Dover.

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