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The Human Body Book Review

I received this book in the mail today and I do have to say I was AMAZED. First I want to say I do not think my daughter has every been so excited to start her schooling. I home school her and this will play a big part in our schooling. The book is intended for 9 and up, but she is 7 and she was asking me questions I wasn’t sure I had the answers to. But before I started working with her on this book I flipped through the pages. And I even learned a few things myself. Ok I learned a lot of neat things. I never pictured my body as having a river inside of it. I love the fact there are so many different neat science projects. My daughter did not want to put this book down. Thank you Ms. Kathleen for such a nice gift. My daughter and I will get a lot of use out of this book. If you all would like a copy of a wonderful book head on over to Amazon and get you a copy it is well worth it. Also be sure to check out the Polka Dot SuitCase she has some nice contests coming soon.

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