Coupons, Coupons and more Coupons

Hi all. I am still working on taking in all these coupon savings. I think I may have a bit of a clue on whats going on. I have found several great sites that offer coupon help. It’s just understanding it all. I guess I should call around and see about getting different stores coupon policy.

Is it smart to buy the Sunday paper for the coupon’s or just get them online? I have been trying this whole coupon thing for awhile now and I still don’t really understand it. I mean can you use more then one coupon on a product. I’m not talking 2 manufactures coupon but like a store one with a manufactures. I see where when other bloggers blog about there savings how they have it all laid out you can. But I am still not certain.

For example I have a coupon for 2.00 off anyone Gillette clinical strength product and a Walgreens coupon for Gillette antiperspirant/deodorant for 2.99. So could I use them both and get the deodorant for .99 cents?

Yes I know I am a dummy when it comes to things like this I need someone to hold my hand and get me off my feet. Then I can become a pro like the rest of ya’ll. I need a coupon angel is what I need. Wanna be my coupon angel and show me the ropes?

Ok here is a list of coupon sites I have found on my journey to saving money…. Also if you have any coupon tips to share please leave it in a comment. Thank You

Smart Source – This place is truly awesome. It shows you the different stores and there sales for the week or what not. They also have alot of coupons. I think most are the same at other coupon sites.

Coupons.Com – They have assortment of coupons as well.

Coupon Moms – This is for the beginners I need to get back in there and read some more. There really is alot of helpful information here of to get to the main directory you can click here.

Printable Coupons – Here is a great blog with alot of savings.

Slick Deals – This place is sorta like Coupon Moms they have a forum with lots of great resources.

Thrifty Mommy – Has many great printable coupons on her blog as well.

Red Plum – Is another great site. I have not wondered around there site that much.

A Full Cup – Here is another great site, but again I have not had much time to really site down and explore this site.

The Coupon Cupboard – Thank You Toni for another great site.

If there is any other blogs out there with great coupon resources please list them in a comment.


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