Diet Mt. Dew Review

can od diet mountain dew
Have you ever tried Diet Mountain Dew? If you said no you are not alone. There are several people who will not give Diet soda a chance. I at one time was one of those people. I heard the word diet and was like gross. But I do have to say Diet Mountain Dew is not that bad. The first time I ever had it was a few months ago it was late at night and we was rounding up change to head to the soda machine. Well I wanted Root Beer but the machine was loaded wrong because I ended up with a Diet Mountain Dew. First my daughter tried it and I will be honest she didn’t like it. I tried it and it was actually pretty good I was very impressed with the taste since it was diet. It has a very crisp taste and it is very refreshing. And did I mention it has no calories. That’s right it has ZERO calories. So you get a crisp, refreshing soda with no sugar and no calories what more can you ask for. Out of all the diet soda’s I personally and honestly can say I would much rather drink diet mountain dew and the reason for my decision is because it tastes so simular to regular mountain dew.

Good to know facts:

* Diet Mountain Dew contains no calories, sugar, or carbohydrates and is low in sodium

* Diet Mountain Dew comes in a variety of sizes including 12oz can, and 20oz, 1 liter and 2 liter bottles.

* Diet Mountain Dew is available at most convenience and grocery stores

* For more information about Diet Mountain Dew, and the full line of Mountain Dew products you can go to Mountain Dew’s site. You can also go to Pepsi Facts.

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