Pink Palace

Today I let my daughter go to The Pink Palace Museum with my niece. I figured it could be a school field trip since we do home schooling. Well she comes home all excited on all the cool things she seen. She seen big bones and little bones. Turtle shells and poop. Lots of poop. Right now they have a poop exhibit going on with all kinds of poop. Big poop and little poop and they also have a cut out that you can take your picture with. Well my niece’s husband and their daughter got pictures taken in it and my daughter wouldn’t she said it was to embarrassing. So with being the mom that I am. I can not let her go to the museum and not get a picture taken on the pot. So with some handy tools I got my picture….

Memphis Attractions
I showed her my great work and I do not think she was impressed. Because her response was “GRR I’M SO MAD AT YOU” She will get over it though. She had fun so that’s what mattered. Now you wanna see some poop….

Poop exhibit

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  1. LOL @ that picture ask her what was she thinking!

  2. LOL yea being a mom is great she should have let them get a picture of her lol either way she loses mom wins. Gimp is great.

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