Do they really let just anyone be cops?

So anyways I have not been feeling good lately. And I was in the bathroom when I heard something that sounded kinda like a garbage truck or something. So I hurried up and came to look to see what it was. Well my niece was cleaning out her daughters swimming pool and her daughter was within 2 feet from her jumping in a mud puddle. You know how we like jumping in mud puddles and all. Anyways this guy comes from around the curve and stops in the middle of the road and is staring at my niece’s daughter shes 2 1/2 years old mind you. My niece made eye contact with him and he went to go take off when this lady I reckon is coming around the curve like a bad out of hell and rear ends the dumb ass parked in the road. She claims she didn’t see him because there was a baby in the road. How the hell you gonna not see a truck in the road but so call see a baby in the road. Then she said beside the road then her story went t running towards the road. Dumb ass couldnt even keep her story straight.

Well I didn’t see this happen I opened my front door right after the fact. And I hear the man talking some crap about the curve being dangerous and he thought the little girl was alone and blah blah blah. Well they was a good ways from the curve and she claims she was watching the baby “Around” the road area but yet her air bag deployed and she flung the truck good size truck her car wasnt all that big. She flung him a good 4 to 5 cars lengths from her and it was going up hill some.

But anyways I go outside and my niece comes over she tells me the guy was watching her daughter then the chick hit him in behind. Shortly later my mother in law comes home from work. And the lady was telling her the baby was in the road. If that child was in the road she has hell of super powers because when I looked out side RIGHT after they hit she was playing in the mud puddle next to her mom.

This lady is like going all crazy on my mother in law calling her a fing pycho b and she needed to take her redneck ass on and just a cussing at my mother in law. Mother in law wanted to know why the lady was trying to blame her not paying attention to the road on a 2 year old. Yea talk about crazy. I could hear the crazy women in my bathroom and it is a good ways from where she hit dood. So crazy lady who disrespects her elders if your reading this learn some damn respect and learn to take responsibility for your actions instead of blaming little children.

But anyways this was a flippen fender bender hardly no damage done and do you know how many cops had to show up. Not 1 Not 2 Not even 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 BUT 9 FLIPPING COPS FOR A FENDER BENDER you would have thought they was busting a meth lab all the police out here. They had the city boys, county boys, and the fricken fire dept. guy. I think she had something going on with him she kissed and hugged him then they went on there way.

Do you believe they never ONCE asked my niece what happened even though the 2 who was in the accident was accusing her daughter of basically causing the wreck. Gosh I hate liars and dumbasses. The police officer even said he would get with us in a minute. I love how our tax paying dollars are going to send 9 cops to a fender bender. Makes me feel real safe at night.

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