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We took our daughter to the zoo yesterday and we had a great time. If you are a resident of Tennessee the Zoo in Memphis is free on Tuesday’s from 2pm until 5pm so its a great way for families to get out and spend time together if you have no money. The only cost is gas to get there and 3 bucks to park you cant beat that. We of course spent a bit more then that because we had to buy our daughter something, plus she got to feed the birds. We love going to the zoo it is so relaxing. I would say peaceful but on free day you have a heck of a time getting through. There is people every where. But we had a good time together as a family. With husband working 3rds its hard to do things together. We usually take trips to walmart at 2am.

statue memphis zoo

Next to the Statue there is a waterfall it was amazing.
Memphis Attractions

Memphis Attractions

The bear was trying to give us a strip show I think. You should have seen the things he was doing with that stick.

Memphis Attractions
This “big” guy was reaching up towards the little boy next too us. He was throwing leaves in there too him. Or he wanted the little boy.
Memphis Attractions
The Gorilla got tired of us watching him. He ended up turning his back to us and walking over to the edge and peeing.
Memphis Attractions
This was our daughters favorite part. She got to feed the birds. The birds and the bees exhibit is new and it was amazing. Hubby kept checking to make sure he didn’t get pooped on.

But anyways my husbands days off got switched so now he has the “free days” of different things in Memphis off. So we plan on doing lots of things with daughter this summer. And it helps now that we have a dependable car. But anyways I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


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