Mailbox yet again.

You know I had this window open all day, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to blog about. When all of a sudden it HIT ME like a baseball bat on a mailbox. Okay maybe that was a baseball bat on my mailbox.

This makes the second time in 2 months. I am getting so tired of the kids that have nothing better to do with their time. About 2 months ago our mailbox was hit and I called in and reported it. The officer called me back said they will keep an eye out. Well shit every mailbox from here to town was hit damn near.

Then a few weeks later we go out to see the vehicles had been hit with paint balls!! We didn’t call that in wouldn’t do us no good, all we would hear was “We can not do nothing about it unless you see them.” Well shit if you all was not sitting at McDonalds all damn night YOU might see them. My husband and I was coming back from town one day and I kid you not there was 6 police cars there. That’s why these kids can terroize the neighborhoods. They know the cops are all up at mcds.

Then tonight my daughter and I was sitting here when BAM. I asked was that just the mailbox. She said she thinks so and it sounded like it came out of the ground. It sure did sound like that I got up to go look, and seen the tail lights of the vehicle that did it. Since we are not that close to the stop sign I could not see the car. Did not bother wasting my time calling the cops. Does no good. One of these days those kids are gonna hit my mailbox and they’re gonna get hurt.

Someone needs to come up with a mailbox that will hurt the hell out of someones hand if its hit with a ball bat. Might end up having to make me one. A nice heavy steel pipe might just do the job.

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