Happy Birthday Gillian

In about 50 minutes my daughter cried for the first time 8 years ago. It is hard to believe how fast time goes by. It seems like just yesterday I was rocking my baby to sleep. We did her birthday Tuesday and I think it was pretty good. She says it was the best birthday EVER, but she says that every birthday :). Instead of ordering a cake I let her make her own cake she had a blast. It turned out pretty good as well. She liked it and thats all that matters.

Here is her finished birthday cake. It was so yummy. I told her she needs to make cakes more often… (Not really, but it was so good)

Now I want to thank MommyMandy. I won $80 worth of Crayola products in April. Some of the items are still put up. I am hoping one day we will have another baby and then I can give them to the new baby.

This is only the chalk there was A LOT more. The funny thing is, I was asked to do a review on some crayola items with MyBlogSpark and it ended up being a lot of the items I won already from Mommy Mandy so when Gillian opened them up she goes “oh well we can sell them” LOL

I would also like to thank MomInTheCity. I won Animal Planet Emergency Vets Ds game. Gillian LOVES that game. It is so cool because you can actually do xrays. She loves how she can see the brain of a Guinea Pig. And how she can put their bones back together. She has been playing this game a lot since she got it. When she opened this present she screamed. Look at the smile on her face.

I would also like to thank AsTheyGrowUp. I won a Mr. Potato Head from her website a few weeks ago. Gillian loves it. I will go into the bathroom and come back to find Mr. Potato head on the laptop. DO not ask me what he is doing because I have no idea. Kinda reminds me of toy story…

And the Hannah Montana items I got back at christmas time. I still have a nice stash of things put up that I can use for christmas this coming year if need be.

I think over all she had a great birthday. Then I got a package in the mail Thursday with another item I wanted to give her as a birthday present, but we didn’t think we was going to get it in time but we did. So I gave it to her a bit ago and she LOVES it. Which did not surprise me. I love how appreciative Gilly is. I could get her something small and she would be tickled just to get something.

I would also like to thank JollyMom. I won the Eureka LadyBug sleeping bag from her site last month. This is the package we got yesterday. Gillian says she is sleeping in it tonight. I told her she is going to get hot sleeping in it so she turned on the air conditioner. Leave it to my daughter to find a solution to a problem.

Look at the smile on my childs face. Can you tell she loves it. I love how thick it is. She will be comfy in it when we go camping thats for sure, I wish it was bigger so I could fit in it with her though. I also like how it has a pocket on the inside. She has a webkinz she calls spotty that she sleeps with every night so he will even have a bed now.

So again thank you ladies for hosting such great giveaways and giving people like me a chance at winning. It really helps out a lot in these hardships.

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  1. It looks like she had an awesome day! Great gifts and I love that they were giveaway wins! I wanted that sleeping bag though! lol

  2. Jolly Mom says:

    You made me tear up–you're such a great mama!

    Happy Birthday Gillian! I am so happy that you like the sleeping bag and all the great gifts that you received : )

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