More Crayola…

Leave it to my daughter to find different ways to use products. Here she has decided the pip squeaks color pencil sharpener can also be used as a pencil holder. She was pretty proud of herself on this one.

I am not sure with everyone else, but I know when it comes to things with my daughter its the small things that bring the biggest smile to her face. For example one Christmas we spent a lot of money on her, (she is our only child YES she is spoiled, but shes my baby so I am allowed to spoil her) little did we know she didn’t want all the stuff we got her she wanted 2 quarters for a little homie guy from the machines out side of walmart… Little small things made my daughter happy not the singing Dora’s. I sure wish I would have known that back when I was spending money hah.

Look at that grin on her face when we got the rest of the Crayola products in the mail. She was so tickled. You would think she never got anything in her life with that smile going from ear to ear. And trust me this child does not go with out. Maybe I will take pictures of her room one day… She was in aww with the colored glue, she had me naming off all the colors. And the window crayons she had colors all over the sliding glass doors, but it was okay a little spray with some Windex and a wipe with the paper towel and it was all off.

She loves doing art. Whether she is making crazy things with paper, or drawing people. (When she went into kindergarten the teacher was amazed at the details she put into her drawings.)

I just wanted to share some Hallmark moments of my daughter with all of you…

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  1. Aww she is so cute! I also hear you on the spending less, lol.

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