I do believe I am the most unorganized person I know. I start my daughter back to school on Monday and I have yet to even plan anything out. I do like to go with the flow of things at times. Ugh!!! I suppose it is time to start hitting up google to see what all I can come across.

I did go to a few different stores to see about getting some supplies and oh my gosh. Wal-mart has went up on all their things from last year. The note pads use to be 10 cents a piece they’re 25 cents a piece now. I couldn’t believe how much they went up on a lot of their items. On a good note I did get some milk for 2.28!!!

I couldn’t even find a cheap calendar, and I am really low on ink, so printing one out may not be an option. Also thanks to Crayola we will be starting the new school year out back in style. So it’s off to google I go to see about finding a 09/10 school year planner. If anyone has any great ideas for this school year let me know.

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  1. Hi Jammie!
    She is going in to Grade 2 right? What about doing unit studies? I did a little of that with my DD her first year. It was fun but did take some planning. You could use any book really and then make stuff up around that book that coresponds with school subjects.
    Hope you are having a great day!

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