Very Busy

Now that the actual record keeping school season is in I have been busy busy busy… My daughter and I have been working on knowing the United States, all about different things in food, such as minerals, protein, and vitamins. She has also been doing awesome in reading. If it was not for hooked on phonics I think she would still be struggling.

I am very pleased with the direction things are going so far this year. The last 2 years she has not really wanted to do schooling and I was having to threaten public schools. Yes I know not the way to do it but she got her schooling done. Now she is WANTING to so I am some what excited. Only thing is she tries to keep me going lol. Momma can only do so much.

But over all I think we will accomplish a lot this year which makes me very happy. I found it helps to let her just wake up for a good 2 hours before we start schooling so that she is focusable.

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  1. Sounds like you are starting the year off right! :o)

  2. We have been starting so late in the day! It's crazy; we aren't opening books until around 11. We get up, do our morning routine, have breakfast, clean up and then pull out the books.

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