Gillian The Picture Taker

Today I decided I would let Gillian take the Camera and take pictures of whatever she wanted. Well I ended up with about 40 pictures of the cat. Funny thing is I think the cat was posing for her. She did rather well taking pictures…
She wanted to take a picture of the roses. No these are not my roses. She did some very nice ones of the cat.
He then decided to move to the drive way and roll around so she could get some pictures of him being lazy.

After we came into the house she dropped my camera and it would not work properly. I was so mad thought she broke it. Thank goodness I have a smart husband he fixed it for me. I would have been lost with out my camera.

I love home schooling. We have so much freedom. I love how we can expand our learning and work it in with everyday living.

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  1. Yikes on the camera! Glad it works okay! I wouldn't have been too happy either, lol. I hear you on the HS, I'm not liking school very much for Audree-Ann. :o( She loves it though.

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