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As you all know I am a member of MyBlogSpark. Sometimes I get emails from them that they would like me to pass on to all my readers. This one has really touched my heart. From this email I learned Malawi is among the least developed and most densely populated countries. I also learned they have a very high death rate, it saddens me to know a mother will carry her baby to term only to have the baby die either at birth of shortly there after.

It makes me happy though to learn that WE can make a small difference. Here is how.. By Joining my village, yes you heard correctly. Here is the email I received from MyBlogSPark letting me know how we can help.

Did you know Malawi is among the world’s least developed and most densely-populated countries? Because of the extreme poverty in the region, Malawi has a low life expectancy (44 years of age) and high infant mortality (89 deaths per 1,000 births, the 14th highest in the world).

As a member of MyBlogSpark, we wanted to share with you the news that was announced today at the Clinton Global Initiative Fifth Annual Meeting. President Clinton introduced a unique commitment between General Mills and CARE called Join My Village, an innovative online community that is fighting poverty in Malawi through the empowerment of women and girls.

Here’s how you can get involved:

* Visit Join My Village and join one of ten village teams to benefit approximately 75 villages in Malawi

* As a village team member, you will get to know the women and families in Malawi through frequent updates, photos and stories

* You can also track how dollars are creating change and improving lives in Malawi

* Through simple online activities – answering a quiz question, telling a friend about Join My Village, or joining a village team – $1 will be unlocked by General Mills and will go to CARE’s poverty fighting programs in the Malawi villages (limit of 3 activities per person per day, and $15,000 per online village team – or $150,000 in total)

* Additionally, General Mills will match personal contributions dollar-for-dollar for up to $50 per donor, $15,000 per village team or $150,000 in total

* CARE will distribute all funds raised directly to Malawi to provide economic opportunities for women and increase access to quality education for girls

Join My Village is setting out to drive measurable and long-term positive impact with women and families in Africa by tapping into the inherent power of women to connect with, and provide strength for, other women.

To learn more about Join My Village and help unlock funds to empower women and girls in Malawi, visit

Now lets all do our part and help unlock funds. Thank you MyBlogSpark for informing me on what I can do to help. I have joined team Sitolo.

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