Colorado Balloon and Boy …

When I first heard about this story, I was in my car heading home. My first reaction was oh my god. I was going to call my sister and tell her what I had just heard but I decided I would wait until I got home. When I got home and my sister messaged me on yahoo. It was a link to the story on 9 and 10 news out of Cadillac, Michigan. We started talking about the whole thing, how scary that was and such. After it was discovered the little boy was not in there I instantly thought it was a hoax.

Everyone kept saying no it was for real, so as I watched the news I heard the police dept. in the area say they did not feel it was a hoax. Therefore, that set my mind at ease a bit. I thought that little boy needed to be punished for starting such a commotion, him and his brother scared not only his parents but most the nation.

Then tonight I was talking to my dad on the phone when he brought it all up. He was telling me it was a hoax and me being a dummy not watching the news in a few days was all like “No they said it wasn’t a hoax” well needless to say it was just that a HOAX.

You just do not joke about some things in life, one of them being your child in danger. I hope these parents get everything they have coming to them. And if they are going to joke about something like this they do not need their children, plain and simple.

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  1. I agree, my heart completely dropped when I first heard the news, thinking of that poor little boy all alone and probably freezing to death. Imagining how if that was my son, who is 5, I would have just died. And then to find out it was all a joke makes me even more sick inside. To play with peoples emotions in such a way is unacceptable.

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