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On October 22, 2009, I decided I did not want to cook so off to Dollar General I went. I got some snack foods, tortilla chips and our favorite Tostitos® Salsa.

As soon as we got home, my daughter started snacking on the Salsa and the chips. She is eight years old, and does a dip and eat. Thinking nothing of it she continues to enjoy her salsa and chips. When she is finished, she put it into the fridge.

My husband comes home and sees I got Tortilla Chips and Salsa so he begins eating. Now a grown man-eating chips and salsa is a lot different from a young female child. My husbands a scoop and eat when it comes to chips and salsa. So as my husband is enjoying Tostitos® Salsa when he sees something in the jar. At first, he thought it was a rather large piece of green pepper that wasn’t chopped all too well. This is what he seen…

It is a flipping piece of plastic. My 8 year old as well as my husband was just eating out of that jar. That is not a small piece of plastic as you can see. That could have been deadly if they were not paying attention to what they were eating… Now my husband is grossed out so when Frito Lay opened he called the number on the jar, the lady on the other end took a report got all the numbers and told my husband they was going to send a box for us to send it back so they could investigate.

She also told him she was going to send us some coupons for free products. My husband gets excited because we are getting free products. I told him I am not too sure I want the free product coupons after seeing what I had seen. I am extremely iffy now if I even want to eat Frito Lay products.

So, anyways today we get the box with instructions on how to send it back. We also get a letter and inside I find three free product coupons. “rolls eyes” Woohoo for being grossed out with a huge piece of plastic in our salsa our payback is 3 coupons.

Frito Lay better be thankful my daughter or husband did not choke on it, and that we are not a sue happy family. Or it would be costing them a hell of a lot more than 3 free product coupons that I am somewhat afraid to even use.

This post was written to make others aware of the finding we had with our salsa. I am aware these products are made in bulk and things like this happen. IMHO workers need to watch more careful for things like this. Yes I am aware the dates on the pictures are different, I wanted a clear shot so I just took more pictures.

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  1. After that I would not be able to eat Frito Lay salsa anymore. I am glad your daughter and husband were not injured by the plastic in your salsa.

  2. Yea I think the salsa is now off my too buy list.

  3. GrammyMouseTails says:

    Yukka pukka!

    I sure hope you get a better response from Frito-lay after they inspect it!

    if not, let us know!
    I will hold off buying our favs until I here about a good report!

  4. *nw mama* says:

    wow! after that, why would frito think you would ever want to buy their products again!? that is scary! thanks for the post and letting everyone know to keep a look out!

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