Keramikos Kitchen Knives Review

Update: 3 years after doing this post the grammar and spelling police came around. I have fixed the few errors I seen, and Ms. Grammar Police if you are going to correct my spelling at least corrected it properly… the second steel knife I had as steal knife (spelling error)… should have been STEEL but my word knife was just fine… unlike your correction of “steel knives”.

I recently won the Keramikos Kitchen Knives from One2Try. When I first got these knives I was a bit worried. They looked very fragile. I was almost afraid to use them because I thought they were going to break on me. I even emailed Rita from One2Try and told her how fragile they looked. My daughter made the comment maybe I should take the plastic off them first hah. We had never seen ceramic knives before.

For those of you who are like me, and never heard of ceramic knives let me give you a fast run down. Ceramic knives are supposed to stay sharper 10x longer then steel knives. I do not know how true this is as of right now, I have not used the knives but a few times. I can say as of right now I LOVE my new knives. They also are supposed to have an extremely sharp blade for a nice clean cut. I can tell you all this much I did scrap this knife along my finger and it did not feel sharp to the touch, BUT it sliced potatoes like they were nothing.

When I first got these knives I had to test them out. Like I said at first I was very worried I was going to break them. So I got me a potato and I started to slice and dice it. Not bad, even though my daughter yelled at me for what she says “ruining a perfectly good potato” pfft. I wanted to see what the hype was all about.

This morning my husband used the knives for the first time and his response was “These are the best damn knives I have ever used. I have never had a steel knife cut through frozen pork chops like they was nothing” Probably shouldn’t have been cutting frozen pork chops with them but hey they worked and he loves the knives as well.

I highly recommend theses knives. If you dice and slice a lot these knives are for you.

Keramikos Kitchen offers a 1 year buy back guarantee on these knives as well as lifetime free sharpening, and a lifetime unconditional warranty.

disclosure as stated these knives I won through a giveaway I was not paid to write this review. I love the product and wanted to let others know of my findings.


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