Pixie Hollow

What is Pixie Hollow? I am still not quite sure what pixie hollow is, I am sure it is something very fun since it has caused Miss. Gillian to get herself grounded from her computer. I know you get to be a fairy, and play different games, but that is about all I know.

Gillian has gotten very good at locating things on the internet. Whenever she sees something on The Disney Channel, she runs straight to her computer and uses Google. This is how she discovered Pixie Hollow. The Disney Channel mentioned “fairies” so Gillian wrote it down on a piece of paper and ran to her computer where she did a search on “Disney Fairies” and BAM.

I helped her set up an account and the rest is history. Well Gillian was suppose to be doing her math when I heard some keys clicking. I asked Gillian what she was doing she said math. Little did she know mom has good hearing, so I asked her why I heard the keyboard? Ha, Gillian got busted. “Fine I will do my math,” she says. About 30 minutes later, she comes out with only having done 10 problems asking if she can be done…

I was a bit frustrated at this point. I go into the bedroom and there sits Pixie Hollow. Off goes the computer and know Miss Gillian is GROUNDED. She is not too happy, but she should have listened did her schoolwork as she was suppose to and all would have been good.


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  1. I checked out Pixie Hollow. My girls are going to love it. I even made a Pixie for me. lol. We'll see how it goes; my computer took a lot to load it.


  2. Yea Gillian is counting the days until she can play again. She is playing it on a older computer 900mhz and 256mb ram if I am not mistaken.


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