Thank You Jen and Kidorable

Thanks to Jen from The Mom Reviews I was the lucky winner of the Rain Coat and matching Umbrella from Kidorable. I really wanted the ladybug set, but they was out of stock and to be honest I do not think it would have fit my daughter. I was going to squeeze her in it.

I have to admit this is her first ever rain coat and umbrella, and I wanted to put it up for a Christmas gift but I so badly wanted to see it on her. I mean look at it, it’s so damn adorable.

Kidorable has so many cute little matching sets. I would love to possibly get her the matching boots to go with this set, since I have a feeling she will be wearing this for awhile. The arms are a bit big but I rolled them up. She LOVES this. She is wishing for rain so she can try it out.

Maybe I will get her the boots for Christmas.

Thank you again Jen and Kidorable. I am very pleased with what I got. And their shipping was very fast.


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  1. They are cute. Congratulations. She really looks happy to have them.

  2. Absolutely precious- I wouldn't have been able to save it either.

  3. I think she thinks shes suppose to wear them inside. She keeps putting them on and walking around lol. I tried out the umbrella today and it works very nicely.

  4. wondermomsworld says:

    hi. U have a nice blog. i am also a mother, and wife.

  5. The Mom Jen says:

    Oh my gosh you are too sweet and the coat looks ADORABLE on her! I'm so happy you like it!

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