Whole Clove for Toothache

With the change of weather come sinus infections. If you have ever had a sinus infection, you know they are not fun. You get bad headaches, a nasty cough, runny nose and do not forget TOOTHACHES. Well I have not been feeling well for about a month or so. I went to the Doctor a few weeks ago, diagnosis sinus infection. The doctor gives me a prescription for antibiotics, I go and get it filled take all 30 pills. Well not, all at once it was three a day for 10 days.

After the pills are gone, my teeth start hurting so bad. I am taking 800mg of Ibuprofen, applying oral gel on the area and having no luck. The pain is so severe all I want to do is sleep the pain away, so I have been sleeping more then I should. Well last night my husband decided to look up “Clove for toothache”.

After he finished his search, we were off to Wal-Mart at 3am. Yes, I was in that much pain and I wanted it to go away. Therefore, I go into Wal-Mart and I get my Clove, after I get in the car I take and put a piece of whole clove in my mouth and chew it up. Well let us just say chewing on whole clove is like chewing on a piece of a tree branch. YUCK so I had to get the nasty stuff out of my mouth. After we get home I try to keep it in my mouth, but it just is not working. So I take and pull the round ball like part off and I put that in my mouth chew it up some and leave it between my cheek and the tooth that is killing me. I end up falling asleep.

I wake up this morning and guess what no more tooth pain woohoo. Clove really worked. I still have the cough and the runny nose, but I can deal with that. I am just very glad the clove has ton the trick. I am not saying clove will work for everyone. I am not saying you should use clove instead of going to see the dentist I am saying clove worked for ME. Would I recommend it to someone having tooth pain yes I would.

You can find more information about using Clove for toothaches here. After researching the use of clove for toothache I also found out that Clove is safe to use for toothaches while pregnant.


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  1. Yes, clove works for toothache. :) Clove bud essential oil is supposed to be good too but I don't know how to use it (have some in the house even). But I got my teeth pulled. No more pain for me. YAY!

    Oh, the other reason I stopped by tonight – I read your Pixie Hollow post and went to explore it; well, my girls (8 and 7) LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    Oh, and we are going to try Tapestry of Grace for homeschooling. I know you and I spoke briefly about sharing homeschooling ideas. :)

  2. I am getting mine pulled SOON. My sinuses are messed up clove only works for so long ugh.

    I found out recently they have pixie hollow for DS as well. I am gonna see about getting it for her for Christmas. She gets all into those games.

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