Why I Love Wal-Mart

I love to shop… But I do not always have money to shop. Every since we got our new car in March the payments and insurance take a lot of our extra money. So I do not get to go and spend as much as I would like. But once a week or so I try to go to Wal-Mart to do my grocery shopping so I can take a peak at their clearance racks. Love me some clearance items. I can spend 20 bucks and be tickled I got to shop some. Yea I know that’s sad. I need to get a life if I get excited over spending 20 bucks.

Well it isn’t the money I get excited about spending it’s all the things I get for 20 dollars. Today for under 20 bucks I got Gillian 3 outfits and a bathing suit, Camp Rock clothes hamper and 2 pencil cases.

I paid 2 dollars for this whole outfit including the flip flops. Normal price on this outfit was 10.00.

This outfit I paid 6.00 dollars for. But it’s a Tinkerbell outfit so that was expected. 3.00 on the shorts and 3.00 on the shirt. Normal price on this outfit was 10 for shirt and 10 for shorts. so total 20 and I paid 6.00

Brand name of this outfit is George. I paid 2.00 for the shirt and 3.00 for the skirt. We might end up using part of this outfit for Halloween. Hoping to win a costume, but if not we will make something work I am sure. I am thinking a hobo or something. Normal price for this outfit was 8.50 on the shirt and 10 on the skirt. That is 18.50 I paid 5.00.

Now this swim suit was 1.00, price tag was marked to 3.00 but it rang up 1.00 so I was not complaining. It’s pretty big on her, but she will fit great in it next summer. Swim suit normally was 15.00.

Camp rock hamper was marked to 2.50 from 9.96 oslt and the pencil cases was 10 cents a piece normal price 1 dollar each, so with tax and all it was under 20 dollars. Oh how I love my local Wal-Mart. Grand total without mark downs would have been over 70.00 with taxes.

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  1. Angie Marion says:

    You got some good deals! I love great deals too!

  2. Yea I am starting to get to where I wont buy much of anything unless it is marked down. But I am a sucker for my daughter so we do full price on those Littlest Pet Shop toys. Damn that Hasbro lol

  3. awesome! I love finding big ol deals like that. Always makes my day too!

  4. Whiney Momma says:

    Wow, that's awesome. I love it when I get good deals too. It's amazing how cheap you can get things just buying end of season. I try to stick with the pattern of buying for the following year. It really does save a bundle. Great outfits!

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