Drill Sargent Mommy anyone

SO, as you all know I have entered into a giveaway Trisha @ MomDot is having for a Oreck. If you have not seen my post you can see it HERE. So I decided to head on over there too see who all else has entered. I found 3 more people. This is where it gets funny…

I come across this one ladies blog I will not give her linkage, but thanks for linking me, if you are snooping your prying eyes around my blog where I do not give my daughter “privacy”.

Now check this one, at the ironically named blog, The Neat Things in Life. Now you see what I’m up against. These ladies don’t need a vacuum. They need a steam shovel. This contest is destined to give a $600 vacuum to the person least likely to appreciate (or use) it.

Check it out… Is my blog name now “The CLEAN Things In Life”. Let me start by saying I have NEVER once stated every room in my home is spotless. Sorry, but there is more to life then cleaning 24/7 and well let’s just say I would rather my daughter have fun and be a CHILD then bitch, because she left this toy or that toy lying on the floor. Also, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TOO SAY WHO WOULD AND WOULDN’T FUCKING APPRECIATE IT.

You know that is one thing that gets me, always has and always will, people who think they are better then others and try to judge them. NEWS FLASH no one and I mean no one is better then any other person on this earth, they maybe better off, but they are far from better.

Let me tell you something else before I move on to the next quote from this site. I appreciate every last damn thing ANYONE has ever done for me. You can read through my blog posts if you would like. You will find several of me THANKING the ladies I have won thing from their giveaways. WHY, because they take the time to post a post allowing me to enter. Sure, they get the product as well, but their time goes into writing a post, and if it wasn’t for these AWESOME ladies, the holidays would be not so great around here, not because I am a bad parent because trust me every last penny we have goes to our daughter, but because the fact life happens.

Now, moving on to the next quote.

To my dismay, Trisha, head of MomDot, and Instigator-in-Chief of the mom-blogging community (Love ya, hun, but you know it’s true. Heck, it’s why I love you.) is asking for submissions of the messiest room in your house as contest entries. Great! I’ll start snapping photos right now!

But then shortly later she spews out this…

This contest is destined to give a $600 vacuum to the person least likely to appreciate (or use) it.

I know how I took this quote. How do you take it? Now for my favorite quote…

I do have one messier room, but one of the reasons I’m not a “real” mommy blogger is that I think my children deserve their privacy from the prying eyes of the internet, even at the ripe old ages of 5 and 2. Even that room is nowhere near messy enough to compete with these (otherwise perfectly lovely, I’m sure) slobs.

Bottom line, and I don’t give a shit who you are, well unless you of course are the Drill Sargent mom that I have been quoting, or you got money to hire a maid. Your house is not spotless 24/7. Yea I got some messy rooms I shared the pictures, I live in a mobile home come on bring in some more bashing (but before you start bashing my trailer is PAID for and sits on land, I would love a house, but like my 8 year old daughter said, a trailer is much longer then a house) and we block off half the trailer because it cost to much to heat/cool it. SO we throw most the junk down there. A lot of it is yard sale things and stuff that needs to go to charity, I just have not found the time to actually take care of it all.

But yea whatever. Unless you are ready to walk a mile in my shoes. Shit I will let you walk a 1/4 of a mile in my shoes DO NOT FUCKING JUDGE ME.

About Jammie Morey

Jammie is of Native American descent, she has family from the Ojibway/Chippewa tribe in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. She was born and raised in Michigan, where she later moved to Tennessee with her husband and daughter. Jammie and her husband home school their daughter, and enjoy doing many things together as a family. Some of those activities include geocaching, hiking, fishing, playing games together as a family, and just being silly with their daughter. Jammie is Owner of The Neat Things in Life. For more information visit on Google+.


  1. babyrocasmama says:

    fuck me running! I guess I should be glad she didn't link my post, eh?

    She can suck my left nut, Jammie. The requirement was for the MESSIEST room in your house. I submitted mine (although I have some that are messier. LOL) and so did everyone else.

    This is the only contest for a big ticket item I have ANY chance of winning.

    Maybe I should have posted some other views of that room, but I was askeered to for fear of judgment just like what that blogger did to us. LOL

    Then again, fuck it. The contest isn't over yet, I can add to my post right?

    Love ya Jammie!

  2. Don't let that stupid post get to you.
    I read it and I don't think she will approve my comment.

    I think she is just bitchy. And she needs a reality check.

    I now follow you. I know how you feel and I know how much it sucks to be judged.

  3. Mommy's Hangout says:

    I am sorry that she was rude and even gave you linky love but hey look on the bright side your getting more traffic today and its SUNDAY!! LOL I have already told you how i feel about it so I am not going to repeat it. you know i got your back!! love ya girl! Fuck em!!

  4. Well, the only reason I posted my rooms is because I as well need a vacuum. My vacuum cleaner is old and dont work for shit, I wasnt going to post because I new the cockroaches was going to come out of the wood work. But again I need a vacuum so I said fuck it I would post.

    I am so glad I am raising my daughter not to be a hateful judgmental person. :/

  5. Heather Sides says:

    You my dear are AWESOME!! Good for you for telling her where she can take her comment!! The blog world needs more people like you!!

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