Growing Up Organized Review and Giveaway

Me organized HA. I am one of the worst cleaners out there. I despise cleaning. Therefore, since I dislike cleaning you can also imagine I’m not the best organizer in the world either. Recently Professional Organizer Lea Schneider contacted me, (I still think she has been peaking in my windows) to do a review on one of her books.

Growing-Up Organized – A Mom-to-Mom Guide

Of course, I said YES! My husband has been telling me for years I needed to get rid of clutter. Clutter? I do not have no clutter I have things I just have not used yet. However, according to Lea I have clutter. “Scratching my head” So anyways, I was going to do a review on her wonderful book, but while reading it I “misplaced” it. Oops, I guess I have clutter after all.

After searching the house, which seemed like forever I finally found it, and no, I am not telling where it was the only thing that matters is I have it now.

Who is Lea Schneider? Lea is a mother, a wife, a professional organizer, writer and a motivational speaker.

What does she have to offer you? A LOT of knowledge on how too not only get organized, but to stay organized.

One thing I learned by reading Growing Up Organized is, getting organized doesn’t have to be a chore, I can get my daughter involved in helping me de-clutter our home. I learned that my biggest problem is trying to organize clutter. Do you organize clutter? You know that junk drawer, and when it gets full, you pull it out and toss it in a bin that you just went and bought from Wal-mart. Oh, do not act as if I am the only one who does that. Trying to organize clutter is a big no-no. If you don’t use it, you do not need it and/or you don’t love it, get rid of it. Plain and Simple.

In Growing-Up Organized, not only does Lea share mom-to-mom tips on getting and staying organized, she tackles each room one by one. The best thing I loved about the book is the fact she has everything broke down into sections. She also has labels you can use when tackling clutter. In her book you will also find helpful sites to help you become more organized.

This is a must have for all moms. I will be tackling my clutter and hauling it to the proper places very soon.

Buy It: You can purchase this book either through Amazon as a paperback or through Lea’s site as a eBook. Paperback version of this book is $14.00 and eBook is $10.00. This book really is a must have, cleaning would not be as bad if you had less things to clean.

Win It: Lea has offered to give one of my readers there very own book. You will have the choice of either paperback or ebook.

Mandatory Entry – Share with me what you do to get organized. Or are you like me and very unorganized, if so what would you like to learn about becoming more organized.

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disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review purpose. The review is solely my own opinion.

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  1. I am a list maker. One way I get organized, however, with something like bills is to prep the bills as they come in with a stamp and everything (if I am not paying online) and write the date that they need to be sent out on the corner of the envelope. I also mark the dates on our fridge calendar so that I can remind myself to drop them in the mail. Thanks for this giveaway!
    ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. at my age i keep a journal it really helps

  3. suburban prep says:

    I grew up the oldest of 7 siblings. We all had differing interest. So therefore things were not known to be the neatest in the world. But we all had our own file cabinet. We organized things in that manner. I guess I kept that going once I got older moved out and got married.
    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  4. I would like to know where to start. I always try to get organized, but get overwhelmed easily.

    egreca (at) hotmail {dot} com

  5. I am very unorganized. I would love to learn how to get started.
    ssovrnej (at)

  6. Lea has had organizational tips published in Women's Day, Better Homes and Gardens Kids" Rooms, Natural Health and College News magazines.

  7. I try my best to be organized but sometimes it don't work out as planned. I have a dry erase board that I write different things on such as what I need from the store and chores etc. And for paper work well thats a different story…

  8. I use old cereal boxes to make magazine holders.

  9. jennielee226 says:

    I would love to learn how to get my closet organized especialy since I share it with my two daughters. It gets very messy

  10. Lori Taube says:

    I really do try hard to be organized by making lists, and filing bills and other important documents.. However, I think the only room in my house that isn't cluttered is my kitchen, and only because all of my plates and bowls have cupboard space! :-)
    I would love to learn tips and tricks to overcoming a household overtaken by kids toys, and also how to better organize our office..

    clctaube @

  11. I would like to be more organized in my house.

  12. She has had organizational tips published in Women's Day, Better Homes and Gardens Kids" Rooms, Natural Health and College News magazines.

  13. I need help being organized.. well my family more than anything. I clean and organize and they dis-organize.

  14. masonsgranny59 says:

    My whole life is unorganized and I need to be revamped:)

  15. masonsgranny59 says:

    Professional Organizer Lea Schneider’s organizing advice has appeared in Woman’s Day, Natural Health and Better Homes and Gardens Kids’ Rooms magazines. She is the Grand Prize Winner of the Rolodex Office Makeover Challenge. Her team of professional organizers, at Organize Right Now, provides organizing assistance through her Organize Online program. She is the author of Growing Up Organized: A Mom-to-Mom Guide.

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