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Mr. Crabs and …

Well, after reading up on the care for fiddler crabs, we found out the man at Walmart didn’t tell us all the truth. We was under the impression the lived in water most the time and didn’t need dry land.

I didn’t want my daughters crab to die, so I posted on freecycle looking for a bigger tank and a wonderful lady emailed me back. So after getting the bigger tank we decided Mr. Crabs needed a mate. So we went and got Mrs. Crabs. Although, right now I think she wants nothing to do with him lol.

Then we decided we can not have Mr. Crabs without you know who. Spongebob, Plankton, Sandi and Patrick. Right now thanks to my daughter Patrick is missing in action, but we hope to find him soon to add him.

Even in this picture Mr. Crabs is iffy about Plankton.

fiddler crabsThe back of the tank didn’t get cleaned all that great I was in a hurry to get them in there.

spongebob style

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  1. babyrocasmama says:

    LOL Funny. When I was a child, I could never keep any sea life alive for very long. My Dad poured more gold fish and sea horses down the toilet than I care to remember. :)

    God luck with the crab couple.


  2. That is awesome! LOL! I totally want a Bikini Bottom Crab city now.


  3. I'm with Rhea — I want a city too!!! GREAT post!!!


  4. We still need to find Patrick and Squidward. We found Gary and added him. Well not the toy one but a blue glass snail we will pretend lol.


  5. Looks like an awesome set up! Have fun with your new pets!


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