The Power of a Child

The other morning as I was slowly getting out of bed, I heard something on the news that put a smile on my face. Some people may think a child has no voice, or people do not listen to the voice of a child, but I beg to differ.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – One Memphis City School student got more than 70 brand new computers donated to her school.

Last year 5th grade student Kristina White wrote a letter to Hewlett Packard, requesting new computers for Sherwood Elementary School. The company agreed and Thursday the high tech hardware was unveiled to the students.

“It was a persuasive letter,” says Kristina. “So if he could give back to the community that the whole neighborhood could hear about it.”

And persuade the company she did. HP donated more than 70 brand new desk top computers to the school. HP says it was Kristina’s letter that spurred the donation. Continue…

A 5th grader wrote a simple letter to HP and it was HER letter that got the elementary school she was attending more then 70 brand new computers.

The one thing that is sad. Is she will not be able to benefit from these computers. I think since it was her letter and all the school should have gave her one of those computers, since she did help the school.

Never under estimate the power of a child.

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  1. Designs by Jessie says:

    what a great story. I love to see stuff like that on the news, especially from the younger generation in school, that are not doing it to get something out of it kind of thing.

  2. That is great! A child's voice can sometimes be louder than anything else.

  3. I love hearing good news, and I love big companies sharing the wealth with the schools.

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