I want to thank SheScribe and SantaSpeaking. You both have made my daughters night. I highly recommend SantaSpeaking, my daughter is on cloud 9 and all she can talk about is Santa calling her.

As you all know my daughter is 8 years old. I won a free phone call from Santa from SheScribes. I had it all set up to come on my father in laws birthday which is today. He has passed away 6 days before her birthday (August) 2007, and it hit her hard. So I thought this would be awesome.

I know my daughter pretty well, so I had to hint around about Santa calling.

mom: ” You know what I read in the paper the other day.”

Gillian: “What?”

Mom: “I read Santa was calling little kids this year”

Gillian: “Why?”

Mom: ” It was saying something about him wanting to do things differently”

Gillian: “I don’t believe that”

So I started asking her what she would do if he called. TO no surprise she said what I thought “I would pretend I was sleeping” LOL I asked her why and she goes “because you know how I am, I am shy”

So I knew Santa was going to call and I could see her hanging up on Santa and thinking it was Grandpa SO I had to think fast. BRIBERY I will let you have 2 days off school if Santa calls and you talk to him, Gillian 3 days, ok fine 3 days. (Because we do not do a lot of book work we do fun games to do our learning so she thinks we are not doing schooling, hah yes I am bright) Gillian, decided 4 days, HAH “Your pushing it kid” Mom says “Fine if Santa calls, because I don’t think he is calling you get a early present”

That did it she was hoping Santa called. So I went to the bedroom and when the phone ring I told her to answer it. I heard a lot of mmhmm mhhmm. LOL, but Santa got her to open up and she started talking. She was so excited when she got off the phone, it was priceless.

I HIGHLY recommend SantaSpeaking, and if Gillian is still believing in Santa next year I am going to pay for this. THANK YOU KIMBERLY FROM SHESCRIBES.

P.S. After she got off the phone she had this twinkle in her eyes and a grin from ear to ear she was so excited Santa called her, and she was on the nice list. She also told me she was sweating because she was nervous. LOL poor little girl was nervous to talk to Santa.

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  1. Lol aww that's great! But I'm cheap so no call from santa
    here! Lol but glad it turned out good

  2. This was to priceless I will be paying for it next year. LOVE seeing the twinkle of excitement in my baby girls eyes.

  3. Thank you all for the comments. I can not wait to hear the conversation that took place. I heard from the bedroom a bit of it.

    She likes telling knock knock jokes. And I think Santa asked her one. Because I heard "Knock Knock" then "Banana" and "Banana Orange" right after we heard " I am not to good at that" she was nervous because her and Grandpa do knock knock jokes A LOT lol.

    I have done told my husband we are doing this again next year. It gives her something to look forward to each year and is truly priceless.

  4. That is awesome, glad Santa could get her talking

  5. Kim @ What's That Smell? says:

    I won this last year from MomDot actually and my son LOVED it. This year we had an "old" (in both senses of the word) neighbor call and talk to my son and he even got to talk to "Mrs Claus". His behavior is SOOOOOOOOOOO much better since he talked to them too.

  6. babyrocasmama says:

    That is so cool!

    Isn't it wonderful to see the magic of Christmas in a child's eyes?

  7. how sweet is that! Wonderful story!

  8. Haasiegirl says:

    thats so nice! we gave one of those away last year. I think a very fun idea for a child.


  9. Jessica @Riding with Jessica says:

    Oh, how sweet. I wish I could have done something like this for my kids when they were younger.

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