She Believes.

Well if my DD didn’t believe in Santa before she does know. We had a very wonderful Christmas and I have to admit if it wasn’t for the winnings I got I do not think it would have been as good.

First she got a phone call from Santa. That was so precious, what was even better was the CD that came and it said from Santa so it made it so much better.

Then when it came time for presents she had some under the tree marked Santa and her stocking she was so tickled. Also, in her stocking was a letter from Santa.


Then last night I was having her take down the ornaments off the tree so we can get that all took care of and she noticed something fall. She picked it up, looked at it for a bit, says what the… I ask her what she gets that twinkle in her eye and says “Santa took a picture of himself.”

She said she is keeping it for ever. I told her it seems Santa is stalking her this year. Her response was “It’s ok for Santa to bug me, I have never been bugged by a famous person before.” Absolutely PRICELESS!!!

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  1. That is adorable! Looks like a very magical Christmas. I was lucky to be able to use some wins as well, thankfully.

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