110$ for a key anyone?

About a week ago we decided we was gonna go to Wal-Mart around about 3am. Yes we are a stay up all night sleep all day family. With me home schooling and hubby working nights this works GREAT. Well as we pile in the car the key will not turn. Wonderful, after several failed attempts we come back in side. My husband messes with it and gets it started.

We figure it is the key, because when we got the car the key was bent and well we tried to get a second one made and they wanted 50$. Come to find out it is one with a chip. So we put off getting a key then this happens. Time for a new key. So I call the GM Dealer in the ton over, the one we was trying to get a car from when we went searching almost a year ago.

The guy that answered the phone informed me they was a used car dealership now his words “GM didn’t want us no more” hrm maybe, because when people come in to get a car you try to sell them a POS 98 Ford Expedition for 5,000$. So I ask him if anyone around does and he told me Memphis or Jackson, UGH I need a key now, not later…

So I remember this other dealer again not a great place, we also went to them, but our money wasn’t good enough. He tells me he can get me a key from Memphis it will cost me 60 for the key and IF he can’t use the chip I already have then it will cost another 50 to program is. Car Dealer ship say WHAT??? So, I tell the dealer “well shit wouldn’t it be cheaper to get a new ignition and new keys” Dealer says “no it would then cost 225 for part then 89 for this other thing and then the labor, then the keys need programed.” WTF. Me ” Okay whatever order the key, call me when I can come get it.”

My husband and I then started talking and what if the key isn’t the issue then we are out 110 and still need a new ignition. So we decided I would call and cancel the key and search the internet and find the part we needed and go that route.

Boy, am I glad we went that route. I came home searched google and found, this on ebay. Comes with everything we need. Ignition, door lock, glove box lock AND 2 news for less then $60. I hit buy it now as fast as I could. Waiting for the part to arrive then we will see about having it installed OVER COURSE NOT the GM dealer.

IGNITION LOCK CYL-19153729 $237.00
DOOR LOCK CYL-25895983 $176.75
GLOVE BOX CYL-88956289 $59.30
KEYS-88956263 $44.95 each


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