Annoying Noise

For the past week or so we have been hearing strange sounds coming from off in the distance. At first I thought it was lingering thunder, because I noticed it right after a thunderstorm. But then it kept doing it. For the past week my husband and I have sat here wondering wtf it is. He thought it was someone down the road starting a big truck. So I asked him “EVERY DAMN HOUR” sometimes 2 to 3 times in that one hour.

So I would ask him “Why is someone going to go start their truck at 2am and then 3am and then some times in between. It didn’t make no since to me. We was going to get in the car and hunt down the sound. Then figured we wouldn’t find it anyway. Well tonight we found out what it is/was.

My husband got a hold of his buddy and it was on Action 5 news. It seems there is a new power plant behing built in Osceola, AR and we are hearing it on the other side of the river. They are cleaning pipes.

A public service announcement says the noise could continue for another two to three weeks.
“Steam blows occur one time during the life cycle of a plant so once this is complete, the plant is put into operation, it will not occur again,” adds Karla Blackstock with Zachry Industrial. Read More…

The Mystery has been solved, but now we have to deal with the noise for another 2 to 3 weeks.

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  1. Well at least you know what it is now, it would suck to be wondering all the time, lol.

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