Baby Mollies

Back in November or early December we got Gillian some fish and a Crab. Well both crabs have died and we have now got a ton of baby fish. When we got the female fish she was pregnant. Yay for us. Well on December 23rd she had her first set of babies. I believe there was about 9, on January 24th she had another set of babies. Well it wasn’t until today when we finally realized how many she had.

Gillian dropped an algae wafer in for them. Mollies need some vegetation and ALL the fish swarmed it…We had no clue there was that MANY. So now we have all these fish and no one to take some. They are in a 10 gallon tank and there is no way we can keep them all in there. So we are thinking about getting an Oscar and feeding baby fish to him.

Female mollies have live births and can be fertile for up to 6 months. Therefore, she will have a batch of babies every month.


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  1. simply_unique says:

    LMAOOO@ Her trying to give them away!!

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