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With the New Year now here, it is time to really think about my weight. After the death of my brother and all the hell I went through growing up I turned to food. It was my way of dealing with everyday life. By the time I was in 8th grade I was 180 and wearing a size 18, I was the fat kid in school. It hurt, my mom forced me to walk several miles a day. I was extremely active as a child. My sisters and I would ride our bikes MILES and MILES a day no lie. I was always outside. Growing up we didn’t have all the electronics kids now a days have.

Well, needless to say all the things I did left the weight there. I ended up taking redux, then that was recalled so I was on my own again. I started working and slowly started losing the pounds. It wasn’t a lot, but I could tell I was losing no less.

I got to looking good and feeling good then I got pregnant for my daughter I only gained 30 pounds with her then after her, hell broke loose, I stopped working and got lazy all that weight I had lost had found me again, or I found it is more like it.

When my daughter was 2 years old I went back to work and out of no where I was fitting into smaller and smaller jeans. Not nothing real small but small for me. I had lost a good 40 pounds just for working 2 days a week for about 4 hours. That is nothing… All the lifting of boxes and up and down on the ladder was dropping the weight very nicely. I was still FAT do not get me wrong, but I was so proud.

Well again I quit my job to be a stay at home mom, and to home school our daughter, and the damn weight found me again. We ended up losing my father in law. I quit smoking and eat because I am bored.

This past summer I started walking was doing rather great, walking an hour a day EVERYDAY and not letting anything stop me. It was so hot, my sister got me a Wii so I could be inside, then personal issues came up and I stopped going out side.

Well I won EA Sports Active from Riding with No Hands, which was what I was wanting more then anything. As soon as I got it in the mail I opened it up and put it into the Wii. Did everything it wanted me too, but the leg strap is to small for my leg (yes I told you I was fat). So after messing with that and finally getting it on some what, it started me with some lunges, not good on my knees I have major knee issues and this was killing me. So I got discouraged, put it up and had not touched it since.

Well I have decided the weight is not going to go bye bye by itself. I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. I keep gaining and I am way over what I have ever been in my life. It is hard and depressing.

So today I broke out EA Sports Active, I went in and removed the lunges and the squats. Everything that needed the leg brace went as well, except the running I have rigged this to work.

I got a 30 minute workout still after removing the things I am not yet able to do. Hopefully in the next 6 months I will be able to do those I am having a hard time doing.

I do love sports active, I get a really good workout doing the things I can do, I wish they would make the leg strap bigger, and have less lunges. My favorite is basketball, my daughter got to the dancing once, but I can not figure it out. So over all …

Pros: Great workout with out having to leave the house. Priced reasonably, much cheaper then the gym and you can do it anytime of the day and in the privacy of your home. I love that you can customize your workout. I love all the different sports, and the dancing.

Cons: For a bigger person the leg strap does not work to well. To many lunges. BUT I just now at 12am found out that you can customize your workout. I will be doing this daily.

I would love to see more volleyball, basketball, baseball, etc workouts. I think I would be more excited to do it. But over all I love sports active as long as I go through and pick what I want to do. Scratch all that. I found out how to customize the workouts ;)

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  1. Good luck with losing it again. That's a great win that you got there. You should join a support group like the Wii Fit Mommies or something. Somewhere that you can check in once a week and see how everyone else is doing. It's nice to know that when you have a bad week, you're not alone

  2. Happy New Year! Wishing u a prosperous and healthy 2010!

    i hope u can visit my blogs too..

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