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I have been really working out and busting my ass to lose weight. I am trying to get myself healthy and in shape. Anyways, while driving home from the store I had a very interesting conversation with my DD. It went something like this.

Mom: I can’t wait to lose a bunch of weight so I can be skinny. Then daddy and I can get remarried and I can wear a pretty dress.

DD: You can pretend you all got a divorce.

Mom: LMAO no baby we would renew our wedding vows.

DD: well could I be the flower girl? I always wanted to be the flower girl

Mom: well of course you would be the flower girl.

DD: Well who would carry the rings?

Mom: well we could put the rings around your neck and daddy could take them off.

DD: Well i think we should wait until we have another baby, so they can be in it too.

Mom: that’s a good idea

DD: and if we have a boy he can carry the rings, but can we at least wait until he is about 6 or 7 so he knows not to lose the rings.


DD: What? You know how little boys are they care more about dinosaurs then they do rings.

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  1. Mommy's Hangout says:

    LOL She is so damn Cute LOL


  2. OMG that is too funny! That girl is wise beyond her years.


  3. She cracks me up with some of the things she comes up with.


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