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I went to a local Dentist today to see how much it would cost to go local. Almost double… It kind of amazes me how it is almost 2000 cheaper 30 miles away. I do have to say this Dentist I went to was amazing, and if it wasn’t so much more I would goto him to have my work done. As I was speaking to him I broke down and he was telling me a bunch of things to cheer me up.

I was telling him how I should have got in sooner to get my teeth fixed, but when you don’t have money or insurance what the hell are you suppose to do. He then asked me if I new the difference between a rich folk and a poor folk. He said “a rich folk has money” Which is so true. That is the ONLY difference between rich and poor. We all shit the same, most eat the same. The rich folks may have more money, but it doesnt make them no different them me.

I also found out that my insurance will pay upto 1500.00 so that is a huge relief, so I am figuring out of my pocket 100 to 1000. Would love more towards the 100 mark.


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  1. I always wait till the last minute to go to the dentist…I hate the dentist. We have insurance but it isnt that great and we always end up paying. They wanted me to get a crown but that would cost ME $400 out of pocket…I really dont have that now so I am just dealing.

    I like your new layout…I thought I was following you but wasnt…I am now though. Looks good!

  2. I hope it is towards the lower end for you!

  3. I hate the Dentist. I wish I could have gone to the one I met the other day. He was super nice. But oh well. He told me the place I am going to has really nice staff and I will like it. Lets hope.

    Thanks Alicia. :)

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