Not feeling well.

I should know by now, nothing is ever done without complications.As you all may know I had to go in and have all upper teeth removed and a top denture put in. I am wondering if it would have been smart to let them save the 4 teeth that could have been saved.

Well anyways, I have been having this nasty tasting stuff come out the top of the denture, and what I thought was the poli grip turns out to be infection. Yay me. So I called the dentist and they called me in a script for an antibiotic. The whole inside of my mouth taste gross. I have been pop Listerine strips like crazy. I have to go back to the dentist Monday or Tuesday so she can check and make sure its all right and nothing more serious. A good note though, I can’t just eat whenever since my gums are very sore still and I have lost a nice amount of weight. I’ll let everyone know what happens next week. 


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