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When it comes to choosing car insurance I tend to go with the CHEAPEST I can possibly get with a well known company. It amazes me how one company can be so much more then the next.

When we first got our car almost a year ago I called around to see who could give me the cheapest possible full coverage insurance. I was just getting a car payment of 350 that was fixen to cut it short with our finances. The company I wanted to really go with was All State. The rep I go through for my home owner insurance is awesome and we were getting basic insurance on our POS car. However, full coverage insurance on the new car was going to be around about one hundred a month. Can you say OUCH.

So I called Geico. I really think the guy on the other end of the phone was trying to flirt with me. (Just kidding the man from Geico) I tell him the car we are getting ask for a full coverage insurance quote. He quoted me 62 something a month. Stunned how All State quoted almost 40 dollars more a month. So I ask if he is sure, and is that full coverage. He assured me it was full coverage so I snagged that up.

Well, there was also another insurance company I have not tried them nor been through them. I am sure they are an awesome company. Their quote to me 526 every 6 months.

So when they say Geico is cheaper then All State and visa versa, it all depends in a lot of cases. On our older car All State was cheaper. I would really love to switch back to All State, and maybe in time we can. For now we will stay with the little green guy.


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