Health Reform Bill

I am having such a hard time trying to figure out why everyone is so pissed off about this bill.Granted I have not read this whole Bill. From my understanding this is what we need. Yes, it will cost us some money, but I mean a small amount of money is shit if it can save a child’s life.

We as America do so much for other countries. It is about damn time they started doing more for our own land. Yes, I have health insurance through my husbands work, it is not the greatest insurance, but if my child falls ill I can take her to the doctor. Now thanks to the President all children that fall ill will get medical care.

It does make me sleep better at night knowing if something real bad was to happen to my daughter our insurance company can not drop us as carriers.

You know they say to make the world a better place we need to help each other. I see a lot of USA helping other countries and not enough of USA helping their own people. Some times I wonder if those people who took the career field to help the sick only did it for the money, and now with everyone having insurance they will have to work a bit harder for their money.

Like I said I have not read this bill completely there is 1990 pages… But from everything on the news and the different doctors opinions I think I know around about what is going on and I am all for it. The only thing I actually see to become a problem is the cost, but if we can spend billions of dollars to rebuild countries we blow up when we have no damn business being there. We can spend billions of dollars to make sure people who need medical care get it.

If I am incorrect about this Bill please feel free to post to me how stupid I am and how I am reading in between the lines, but I can not promise you that your comment will stay posted.

UPDATED: I do now see why everyone is bitching. What most are bitching about is pretty lame. If I didn’t have insurance and I had to purchase I would for my child. I don’t know if I would want to for myself, but my child YES, I would pay whatever it took to make sure she was covered some way or another. My feelings on this are still the same. Some things need to be worked out in this bill yes, but over all this was needed. Americans just don’t like change.


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  1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I am against the bill for several reasons and I stated them on Healthy Moms.

    Health Care in our country is going to be rationed because it will be run by the government and they will not be able to afford to pay for everything that everyone needs.

    I also heard that about 45% of practicing physicians are going to leave the medical field. This will lead to hospitals and clinics being understaffed. Again we will suffer from this.

    I could go on, but I won't. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I am glad that we can disagree and still have a friendly discussion on this topic.

    Thanks for stopping by Healthy Moms and leaving us a comment.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Hi Cascia, I am still trying to figure out this bill. I will however say if 45% of the doctors are quitting, because of this bill then that means they are in their profession for the wrong reasons, and I will be honest with you if a doctor is a doctor only for the money then I do not want them treating my child or myself. I do think a lot still needs done to this bill, but I still stand by thinking this is for the best. Again that's my opinion and I can see why people are pissed.

    I also do not feel people who can not afford insurance should be forced to purchase insurance, but from my understand actual people who can not afford insurance have nothing to worry about it is those who act like they do not have money yet get welfare. Go figure.

    I am still reading my way through this bill.

  3. well you know where i stand on this and I still hate it LOL..nothing is going to change my mind on it..

    But Jammie I see what your saying but come on Dr's have to make money also. everyone thinks Dr's make a shit load of money and thats not true when you factor in all they pay out plus the insurance they have to have. Not counting the damn school loans they are paying back.. I just hope it don't get as bad as everyone is saying though and that I am wrong.. but only time will tell..

  4. Yea. I am still standing where I am as well. There is ALOT of Drs out there as well that have been screwing the insurance companies, so more money insurance companies have to pay for things the more we have to pay. It is all about the money.

    I know what I am seen for when I go to the doctor and I see what they charge our insurance and I see what we get billed, and I would LOVE to get what they get for a few minutes of their time. I dunno how many times Gillian was misdiagnosed, because a DR didn't give a shit. What happened to DR being DR because they wanted to help ppl?

    Lots have changed and lots will continue to change. Only time will tell what is in our future. Where are all the Psychic when we need them.

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