Manuka Honey

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is from bees who feed on the flowers of the Manuka bush, also known as the “Tea Tree” to produce a honey that has anti-bacterial properties. Tea tree oil is commonly from the related Melaleuca tree native to Australia and is used as a topical antibiotic and antifungal for wounds that fail to close.

I am a fan of Tea Tree oil. It smells badly, but the smell is worth it. I first discovered Tea Tree oil about 7 years ago, and it has been a item in our bathroom every since. We use it for all kinds of things, in our bath water, for acne, sore throats, even our teeth.

I have read this can also help with yeast infections as well as lice. Also, from the Manuka tree comes honey. We have read this honey works great for many things. The reason it works is, because Manuka Honey contains non-hydrogen peroxide antibacterial components. Which help heals infections. It also works on MRSA.

My husband started to get bump on him that looked similar to a boil. He started applying the Manuka Honey on the bumps and within a few days they was no more. I for some reason get boils, if you have ever had a boil you know what I mean when I say they hurt bad. I usually end up having to go in to the doctor and have them drain it.

Not only is this embarrassing it is also a lot more painful. When I get them they usually last a week and up to 2 weeks. Not fun… Well I started to get one a few days ago and it got to where it hurt to sit. So I had my husband apply the honey to the boil this morning. Less then 12 hours later and the boil is a lot smaller and softer. The pain is no where near as bad as it was. I am hoping by tonight it will be gone completely.

Some of the other uses for Manuka Honey are…athlete’s foot, ring worm, insect bites, arthritis, acne, sore throats, rashes, wrinkles, sore throats, burns, gum disease, stomach ulcers, cold sores, acid reflux, infections, MRSA, and so much more.The best part of this working on so much is it is all natural. Pure raw honey, it does leave a bit of a after taste in your month, but it taste so yummy on some biscuits.

The only bad thing I have found with this honey is it is sticky so when applying it to wounds you want to also apply some sort of bandage. This honey will also be a permanent spot in our bathroom. I am not saying this is some medical miracle. I however, am saying this has worked for me and I will continue to purchase it.

You must get the ACTIVE Manuka Honey for it to work properly.


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