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Can I tell you how much I love my new sewing machine. I can not wait to get in more complex projects. Only problem we have no fabric stores in this area WAAAAH. I have to go to Memphis to get fabric.So chances are I will be playing around with cheap sheets and clearanced curtains.

Hey, whatever works. It is a different way to recycle. :) My daughter loves me sewing now she thinks it is neat. I attempted to make a pillow sewing together squares of fabric. That didn’t turn out to well. It was a bit uneven. Okay fine it was ALOT uneven. What you expect that was my first attempt I am sure it is going to take me 23947320957 more attempts to get it perfect.

The easiest pillows to make are travel pillows. They turn out great. I made my nieces and nephew one. So the easy part is done.

NOW for the hard part, getting it in the mail.

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  1. Good for you! I should learn to sew and get a sewing machine.


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