The Daring Book For Girls

Gillian got this book not to long ago from her Aunt for Christmas. After flipping through the book some I was kind of curious on why she got a book like that for an 8 year old. However, I have to say this is probably one of the best gifts Gillian could have gotten. Lately I, myself have been reading different areas in this book, and I have to say this is a must have book for girls Gillian’s age and up.

This book is filled with so much information about different women  who have accomplished so much in their lives. I have learned a ton from this book, and with home schooling Gillian this book rocks. Why you ask? A lot of our history books tend to leave out famous female inventors, princesses, and all the neat things for girls.

Did you know a women invented the first commercial oven? 

Emeline Hart, a member of the Shaker community, invented and patented a commercial oven in 1876. This innovative brick oven featured pierced metal shelves to allow even heating, four separate oven compartments, isinglass windows, and a temperature gauge — an almost unheard of luxury at the time. It could hold 60 pies or 70 loaves of bread at once, and had revolving shelves which made checking and removing food simple. The oven was a commercial success and was purchased by many bakeries outside of the Shaker community. Read More

In 1889 Josephine Garis Cochran of Shelbyville, IL invented the first working automatic dishwasher. It later become associated with KitchenAid. How awesome is that.

This book has so much more. It has different slumber party games, how to make friendship bracelets, it even shows you how to make your own paper.

There is so much information your special girl will have tons of fun learning all these neat facts.

The Daring Book for Girls was written By Andrea J. Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz and can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.   The price varies Wal-Marts price is the cheapest I have seen for $16.50.

They have also came out with The Double Daring Book for Girls you can also
purchase that at Wal-mart.  I am going to see about getting this second book for Gillian for her Birthday.


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