Thermal Oxidizer

I remember when I was growing up, I lived in a town called Alma, Michigan. That was home, it smelled of gases and a stinky river. The one thing that I loved about living in Alma, was most everything was within walking distance from where we lived.

The middle school was literally a few steps from our front door, the high school was about a mile, but still we walked it every school morning. Made skipping school so easy. Shh don’t tell no one though ;)

Living in a town that had a plant that let off all kinds of gases took a toll on my asthma. I guess it is called an oil refinery. You know with them torches that are lite and they say if they go out the whole town would blow up. Not sure if that is true or not, but I know I wished those torches never went out.

I think that is should be mandatory for businesses like the one in Alma to have a Thermal Oxidizer installed. Then there will not be as many fumes being pumped into the air we breathe. The less pollutants in the air the better for our children. It also helps the ozone.




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