Win 100$ cash to pay on CRedit Card debt

I have to admit, my credit is pretty bad and we can not get a credit card. BUT I also have to admit that’s a good thing. Not about our credit, but about not having a credit card. See that is the funny thing we can not get a 5,000 credit card limit to prove we will pay, but we can get a loan from the bank for over 7,000 for a car.

Oh well, back to the topic at hand. I know a lot of people live off credit cards and to be honest that is a bit scary. I can not imagine myself using a credit card to pay for small purchases, because that would only lead to paying damn near 10x more just for that item. I mean that’s a bit silly don’t you think?

Having a Credit Card doesn’t always have to be a bad thing though. I honestly wish we could get one only for emergencies. If the car was to break down I would love to have a way to pay to fix it, because we have no savings I know not a good thing. 

Shop Debt Free is helping one of the readers make a payment on their Credit Card, this weeks giveaway is for 100$ cash. I am not sure if you need to have a credit card to enter. I do not and I am entering it doesn’t say on their site so I am guessing no. If I win I will use it to set up a savings so I do not need to stress the what if’s.

Head on over to Shop Debt Free and enter for your chance to win the 100$. The Giveaway ends March 4th @ 3pm EST. Good Luck everyone.

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  1. Help! Mama Remote... says:

    That is a great point. They'll give you credit for one thing but not another. Those that had good credit are no suffering. That I know so well.

  2. Concord Carpenter says:


    I have a more “homeowner / lady friendly” tool giveaway going right now…

    stop in ~ cc

  3. simply_unique says:

    I love my credit cards but it has took will power not to charge them up. When I was younger I messed my credit up due to credit card debt thankfully I was able to fix that and my credit is perfect. I made a promise if I ever got it fixed i would never let it happen again and I haven't. I don't use my cards much and when I do I try to pay them off in full each month and I have 1 that I double up on the payments.

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