Entertainment has come so far since I was a child. I am only 30, but I remember when having a 27in TV was a big deal. Now, TV’s are HUGE, and the gaming systems don’t get me started on those LOL. We had an Atari, which we loved playing galaga and frogger on. As the years went on Nintendo came about, we could play Mario for hours, talk about fun.

I think sometimes our children are getting spoiled with all the electronics. I mean do not get me wrong I like that my daughter has the options and more technology then I did growing up. A lot of these things are great learning tools, but coming out with a new hand held game may be a bit much.

I remember in 1995 I was in High School and one of our teachers had her computer connected to the INTERNET… It was on a dial up connection and all us high school girls fought for the computer. We would talk to boys from the next town over during our lunch break. Now hardly anyone has dial up and we all have Satellite Internet or some sort of other high speed access.

If you are one of those people still on dial up because noone in your area offers a high speed connection, there is a few companies out there, that might have the answer for you. I know we at one time was looking into getting Wild Blue.

We always had the problem of running into a “oh we don’t service that area” with other companies. So we was stuck with our local company, and when I say local I mean just that. It only covers part of the county I live in and a small part of another county.

However, with wildblue I do not think you would hear that above statement.  That is another good thing about technology,  it is starting to not matter in what area of the country you live in, you will have some what to the same options as everyone else.




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