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When it comes to weight  loss programs I am a bit hesitant, especially when they claim you can lose all kinds of weight. So when I seen on facebook, an AD stating you could still eat your favorite items and lose weight. I clicked on it and watched the video. Yea, I was drawn in when this man was talking about this program, and how he guarantees that it will work. I won’t lie, I love to eat, and I can eat even if I am not hungry if it’s something I like. Growing up was tough and I became an emotional eater. Food comforts me, now I need to flip the script and learn I do not need food for comfort no more, I have my daughter and husband.

I thought to myself, ah just another body flush system. You know the Acai Berry one they have. I do have to say my husband lost over 50 pounds taking the Acai Berry pills within a few weeks, BUT I also took them and didn’t lose nothing. Why? Probably, because my husband works outside the home and is active daily.

I thought this program Fat Loss Factor was the same thing, another pill saying you would lose this amount of weight in this amount of days. The truth is NO ONE can guarantee you on how much weight you will lose in said amount of time. We all know every ones body is different so guaranteeing something like this is silly. However, doing certain things on a regular basis can lead to weight loss, and if you stick with it, the weight will not come back.

I am not too wise when it comes to losing weight I struggle daily, maybe it is because I do not have a guide to hold my hand and walk me through it. So, anyways back to this program. I honestly thought it was pills you took, I sent an email to the person who runs the site and  was surprised to find it being a ebook program. I went to the site and downloaded all the information they sent me in the link.

I started reading, and reading more, then I learned this was basically the Lemonade cleanse, that Jen from Mommy’s Hangout was telling me about months ago. I was like okay I could have gotten all this information for free. As I read more about this program, I got more interested. I don’t know the way things are worded drew me in. Mostly all the information found in this system can be found online for free. However, with the program it is all written out for you, on what foods you should eat during this detox process to foods you NEED to stay away from.

This program also comes with all the charts you need to measure your body, a healthy cookbook, grocery list, and an exercise plan. When I looked at the exercise plan I busted out laughing. There is no way someone my size can do the workouts they have samples for. So, with that being said I will not be doing these exercises on the weeks we are suppose to, instead I will be doing something similar, but what my body can handle.

So, today is the day. I will be starting to get my body ready for the cleanse it so badly needs, and I will use this system as my guide. I will report back as I see progress. I will be a vegan for the next 7 days. I hope I can do this I love my dairy. Mind over matter, I guess.

I was emailed this program free of charge to test it out myself, everything I report or say on this program is ME saying it not this company.




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  1. Sounds interesting Jammie! Keep us updated! I def. need to lose some weight.

  2. Yup I am going to keep everyone posted. Next post on this will be Sunday night.

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