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Have you ever noticed the difference in customer service at both Home Depot and Lowes… My husband and I have been doing a ton of home repairs. Mostly water pipes and repairing floors, and skirting. The money was eek… every time I turned around I was having to run back up town.

So here is how it started. We went to Home Depot to get most the water pipes and connectors, from the minute we walked in, we was being offered help. Even though my husband told the man we new what we was looking for he stuck around just in case we needed help, and of course we did.

I know when we go to Lowe’s we have to hunt for someone to help us, and then they always seem like we are bothering them and they have better things to do. I hate that… I mean their job is to help in certain dept.

Anyways, I ended back up to Home Depot several more times. I think it was 5 times in one night then the following day another time. Again from the minute I walked in the staff was super helpful and they didn’t act like I was disturbing them.

On one of my trips I needed a piece of ply wood to fix the bathroom floor, and more elbows for the water pipes. Anyways, I go in and get my elbows, walk outside and a man was out there doing something, but the second he seen me he stopped and asked if I needed help. I told him I was looking for a sheet of ply wood. He asked me what size I told him he had me bring the truck in while he loaded it and then I paid and was on my way.

Not only does Home Depot have super nice employees they also have lower prices then Lowe’s, if you see something cheaper at Lowe’s let Home Depot know and they match the price… Can’t beat that, come next tax time we will again need more home repair materials we will most definitely be shopping at home depot. They got 2k of our taxes this year. I am hoping all my trips back and forth these past few days, helps me win the 5k home depot gift card, because we could use it.

I can see my dream kitchen right now… So from my experience… Home Depot is by far the better store. Sorry Lowe’s your customer service sucks.


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  1. flychild7 says:

    I have the exact opposite experience. The people at lowes are so much nicer. We always have problems at home depot

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