Lemonade Diet Day 1

Well I did it today I have started the Day 1 of my master cleanse.The salt water part was “okay” a few times I did feel like I wanted to barf, but I didn’t and I got through it. Yes, Jen you was right it was yucky, LOL. I am going to try the shot tomorrow and see how that does. I had a hard time drinking the salt water within the 20 minutes, but I did it. YAY my phase one of the lemonade detox is done. Now for phase 2.

It took me about an hour for the salt water flush to start to work, at first it was normal stool, then it got real watery. I started to freak out so I texted Jen and shes slow LOL so I googled it. I found out this is normal and it is a way of showing you that it is working properly. If however, you continue to have the watery stool you should contact a doctor.

The lemonade stuff is not to bad. I think I put to much pepper in it though and it is way hot for me, not sure if I will be able to drink all 64 ounces of this, I think this is just to make sure you stay hydrated and you get the vitamins you need. If I can not finish it all I think I will be okay.

Did a weight in about 2pm and I am down 1.5 pounds since 8pm last night. Not bad. I hope to see a big weight loss. If I do I will take a few breaks after the 6 day detox, then see about doing the lemonade diet again.

I do not feel hungry at all. Jen CHEATED lol sorry Jen had to tell them. I am wanting me a big bowl of spaghetti, but I know I can’t have it yet, and when I can it needs to be a small amount. No more eating large amounts. I do not think I will be able to drink all of this lemonade tonight. My husband told me red pepper was the same as cayenne pepper HAH no it is from the same FAMILY, but not the same, turns out red pepper is hotter, who would have known… So my lemonade is way hot. Oh well tomorrow I am going to try things differently. Sipping on this stuff it not going to help me get it all gone in a day.

I have a hard time drinking 4 glasses of water let alone 3 to 4 when I first wake up then 6 to 12 of this lemonade on top of more water… I have a good feeling about this. I however do not recommend this for a long period at a time. I have done a lot of reading and some of the things I have read are scary.

Getting ready to drink the nasty tea, and head to bed. I didn’t finish the lemonade drink I only could handle a little over 32 ounces. I did drink plan water through out the day though. So I think I am good. I will be back some time tomorrow for day 2

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