Lemonade Diet Day 2

Okay this is getting really yucky. I did the salt water flush hopefully I drank enough. I tried the shot form and umm yea that’s not better. I could not finish all the salt water I drank maybe about 3 ounces of that and then over 24 ounces of water. We shall see in about 30 more minutes if it will work.

I also decided NOT to add the pepper to all of the mix. Yesterday I could not drink it all so I ended up having to throw the rest out not today. My face is actually feeling clean. I usually wake up and have a oily mess. Not these past few days. That is a good thing.

Well, the flush didn’t work like it should have. I guess the shot thing was a bad idea. I did still go just not like I should have. So far the lemonade diet isn’t that bad, the worse of it is the salt water. With the master cleanse it is making my skin look and feel a lot better. I will finish the lemonade detox drink before I go to bed. This stuff is pretty good. I think after Saturday, if i go until then, I am still going to buy the stuff to make the lemonade drink, but instead of the salt water bath drink the lemonade and eat a small meal at dinner. This way I am taking in fewer calories and not feeling all hungry.

I have did a 15 minute workout with Wii Sports More Workouts. Washed the car cleaned it all out yay me. Went to the store took care of a few things in the yard. Still sipping on my gin and juice, lemonade detox drink. Over all it has been a good day.


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