Lemonade Diet Day 3

Just did my salt water flush that shit is nasty. I didn’t drink it all yet again. Hopefully it still works… I drank my tea last night we shall see in an hour or so.

Well it worked still not as good as day one. I think a lot of that has to do with nothing being in my stomach though, I truly hate the salt water flush. I do not think tomorrow I am going to do it. Other then that everything is going great. Still not feeling hungry, still drinking my lemonade detox, and my skin is feeling and looking better.

Just did a weigh in and I am losing 1.5 pounds a day. I am also on my monthly so I am hoping the scale drops more after I am done. So far everything is going great. I am drinking my lemonade detox and not feeling no ill side effects with the master cleanse. Jen was also suppose to be blogging about her progress, but I don’t think she has been because I can’t find it on her blog. LOL Guess she changed her mind and forgot to tell me. I am only doing the cleanse for 2 more days. Then I will slowly get my body back on solid foods.

Still doing good, went out side for a bit with the family and enjoyed the weather. I am for real not doing the salt water flush tomorrow I am only going to do the tea, tonight and in the morning. The salt water bath is sick… It wouldnt be so bad if I could quickly swig it and then drink water, but I am afraid if I did that I would throw up. I will be drinking my tea in a few hours then bedtime.

Well momma duties called. Gillian ended up getting sick so I had to get her and everything else cleaned up. Washing bedding now. I guess I will be up a bit later tonight then what I had planned, but oh well…


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