Lemonade Diet Day 4

Well I got up at 10am and went to walmart. Did a lot of walking around. When ya take the kiddo you have to look at EVERYTHING even if you seen it tons of times. LOL… I didn’t do the salt water flush today, but I did get some more lemons and some nectar. I read you can use nectar instead of maple syrup, it is cheaper and you get more.

I know I said tomorrow was going to be my last day of the master cleanse BUT I do not think I am actually gonna stop it. I think the salt water bath and such is ending, however I am going to drink the lemonade drink through out the day then a small meal at dinner… I LOVE the lemonade drink… It is very refreshing, and it is fresh yummy.

Still sipping my lemonade. Okay I am not sipping it I am drinking it LOL it is too good to sip. So far everything is going good I am down 1 pound again today. That is 6 pounds since Monday when I started the master cleanse. I tomorrow is my last day of just lemonade. I am going to see about adding small mellow foods back into my system.

As of right this minute I am down 8 pounds since last Thursday. So that is an averaged of almost 1 pound a day. I could have did a lot better but this flush, really flushed my system. It caused me to start my period a week early and I had a heavy flow… So I could hardly move for a few days. I did do some workout just not as much as I wanted too.

Cleaning house right now, then going to drink my tea and head to bed. In the morning I will drink my tea again and see what the day holds.


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  1. Wow that sounds like a crazy cleanse. I might need to try it though, minus that salt water nasty in the morning. LOL

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