Lemonade Diet Recipe

The recipe for the master cleanse is pretty simple. I did it by ounces, it made it a bit easier for me to remember it.

To start with you need to do the salt water flush in the mornings. The salt water flush is just

2 teaspoons of UN-IODIZED sea salt mixed in 24 to 32 ounces of warm water. You need to drink this within 20 minutes. Some times this will not, work some times it will.

Then you can make the lemonade. I make 64 ounces at a time. That is enough for 6, eight ounce glasses.

6 ounces FRESH lemon juice, this needs to be freshly squeezed from a lemon, you could also do lime if you wanted too.

6 ounces of PURE maple syrup. They say dark amber grade b however, I could only find grade a so that’s what I have been using. This can get a bit expensive. I have read you can use agave (organic nectar) or dark molasses  instead. If you want to use this lemonade to help aid in weight loss cut the maple syrup down some.

I then add the rest water about 48 ounces of water. Some say you need 10 ounce to every serving some say 8 ounce so I am not sure. After I mix all that I place in the fridge then when I get me some I add about a pinch of cayenne pepper to it.

For one serving of the lemonade you would use

1 ounce of fresh lemonade juice, 1 ounce pure maple syrup, 8 ounces water and 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper.

This lemonade is awesome I love how it tastes and I will continue to drink it.

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