Littlest Pet Shop Platypus

Look at this little guy isn’t he so cute. Since Gillian, LOVES her some littlest pets, we try to get all the mail in ones. Whew that’s a ton of work making sure she get’s them all… Well Hasbro decided to change up the stickers on me… Ugh shame on you Hasbro.

With it being Easter she finally got her last 3 stickers she needed to send away for this adorable littlest pet. Like she needs any more for me to hurt my feet on, but hasbro littlest pets are her thing. So, I won’t fuss to much at her.

If you have not sent off for your Platypus, do not worry you still have time.

Not sure how this all works? First, you have to purchase a “My Collector Journal” Then comes the fun part, you get to purchase all those cute little pets, that will make your child go awe, and tell you how much you are the best, and how much they love ya. Mine even tells me how it was the best day ever. Those type of things make my heart melt and make me want to buy her more…. Maybe, just maybe that’s why she does it. She done out smarted mom.

You are looking for Littlest Pets with this sticker on it. Those will insure you get the proper sticker to return the sticker page to get your newest pet. You need to collect 8 of these stickers. Afterwords, you fill out the form with the stickers attached and send it off to the address found in your Journal.

This must be postmarked by July 31, 2010 and Hasbro must receive it by August 10, 2010. Please allow 8 to 10 weeks to receive this in the mail. Also, remember this is a while supplies last. Good Luck hope you all get to get your platypus I will be sending off for ours tomorrow.


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